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A few words about ALMONICIOUS

ALMONICIOUS is born out of the passion for delicious and wholesome foods and beverage. We use only 100% NATURAL, PREMIUM ingredients to ensure that all our products are as tasty as they are healthy. Our elaborate filtration system ensures that our milk is creamy and fine, and will not feel gritty as it slides smoothly through your throat.

Benefits of almond milk

Wonderful benefits of Almond Milk that you may not know…

Almond milk is fast gaining popularity as dairy milk substitute. Aside from containing less calorie than normal milk (60 vs 146 calories), almond milk also contains no cholesterol or saturated fat. It also contains a healthy dose of calcium, vitamin D, E and B, giving you strong bones, glowing skin and healthy muscles. Plenty of fiber also helps keep your digestion in check.

Almond milk is low in calorie, and gives you strong bones, glowing skins and healthy muscles.

And we haven’t even mentioned that ALMONICIOUS milks are fabulously delicious, made with lots of love and care!

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